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    Cloud Technology


Understanding Cloud Technology

Defining The Cloud

The term “Cloud” can mean so many different things today. Most people, from highly technical to computer illiterate, think that anything located in a server network, possibly even in a data center is Cloud. This couldn’t be further from what the true definition of Cloud entails. Companies such as Apple and Google provide so called “Cloud-based Apps”. However these applications are typically not entirely Cloud. They may provide a small piece of what Cloud can offer, such as picture storage, data or music syncing, all of which are done in what we like to call “Old Cloud Fashion.” For instance, when Apple syncs your data into their Cloud, those files are transmitting to and from the device you are using. So it’s really more of an online service that syncs data vs. a Cloud that contains it. Our definition of True Cloud is that data would be downloaded within the Cloud rather than to and from the device. Everything being executed and processed within the Cloud. This far more secure method eliminates the need for an endpoint device able to sync, process, and render everything locally. It also vastly reduces the amount of bandwidth needed to transmit information across the internet to the device, as well as needing a high-priced device that has the processing power and memory to open things efficiently and quickly.

True Cloud Technology

At Network Extreme we are able to centralize any and all aspects of your cyber/mobile related life within the Cloud, providing the user with a much more secure environment that is then accessed from any internet-connected device (even one with minimal capabilities), using minimal bandwidth (3G cellular is more than sufficient). But we don’t stop there. We are defining new methods of how Cloud is even deployed. We are using very different Cloud technology than the big cloud companies out there today . We store and manage Cloud environments in a very unique way that redefines how fast and scalable Cloud can be. We eliminate any third party software such as VMware, Citrix, etc. Unlike some companies, we don’t charge you a license fee for every new employee you add. We also eliminate the need for any Hypervisors, so our solution requires no extra Software CPUs in order to process applications. Most importantly we lay out our infrastructure in such a way that allows for real-time data replication with NO Clustering. We are now able to provide the ability to have your data exist in multiple, physically-separated data centers in real time with ultimate redundancy. This advanced architecture actually allows us to deliver even faster performance to you as we grow. Simply stated, as we take on more Cloud customers, speed increases on our system for all of our customer base. Current server virtualization methods do nothing but divide up computing resources. Instead, we multiply resources, again with no clustering, providing a scalable platform that has immense performance.

Real Time Access

We provide to you the real-time ability to access a full desktop/server environment deployed remotely in a True Cloud through cutting edge, custom kernel designed cloud technology. Using advanced enterprise deployment of any operating system or application to any connected, internet capable device, anywhere on the planet. Our True Cloud Technology is able to centralize any computer or application environment into the most advanced deployment of Cloud available on the market. No longer will you suffer due to limitations of your viewing device (iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, MAC) that dictate what applications or software someone would like to run. Now fully functional operating systems and applications can be scaled and deployed rapidly in a true Zero Footprint with record time..

Centralized Environment

Our TrueCloud technology centralizes desktop and server environments in multiple replicated data centers. Now instead of having data and apps installed on a PC at the office as well as an iPad, a PC at home, and an iPhone you have one environment containing all your data and apps that exists in the True Cloud but follows you anywhere you go, no matter what viewing device you choose to use. No longer is there a need to copy or “sync” your data across multiple devices. No longer is it necessary to purchase multiple software licenses for applications installed on several devices. No longer do you need to connect to the office PC to obtain information from home, eliminating the need for GoToMyPC and Dropbox-type solutions. With True Cloud everything is in one environment that follows the user everywhere and runs safely, securely, reliably, and insanely fast in the Cloud. Forget the need to backup data - everything done in the Cloud is replicated in real time across multiple, physically distinct data centers. Adding a new employee? No problem… server and desktop environments can be spun up and live within 30 seconds. Now imagine a super computer running a Windows 7/8, Windows Server, or Linux platform in the cloud that can be accessed from anywhere and with Data Center Hardware performance and Internet Speeds of 200+ GB download AND upload.

Data Centers

World Class Data Center Infrastructure

  • Facility Features

  • Redundant UPS
  • Redundant AC/DC Power
  • Data-Grade HVAC
  • 24x7x365 Secure Entry
  • Advanced Fire Suppression System
  • Flexible Space Configuration
  • Customer Staging Area
  • Secure Cabinet and Cage Space
  • Continuous Camera Coverage
  • Data Center Power

  • Power circuits are available in 120/208v AC and 48v DC.
  • The UPS system is deployed in a parallel redundant configuration with N+1 modules.
  • Generator backup for 100% of customer peak load with a fuel supply of 24 hours, with guaranteed refueling contracts in the event of an extended utility failure.
  • Data Center Environmental Controls

  • High Volume Air Conditioning systems with 100 tons plus .01 tons per square feet floor capacity.
  • Temperature: 72 Degrees throughout the facilities.


SSAE 16 (SOC) TYPE 2 and TYPE 3 (Formerly SAS 70) Certified - A service auditor's examination performed in accordance with SSAE 16 (SOC ) TYPE 2 and TYPE 3 (Formerly SAS 70) is widely recognized and signifies an organization has passed an in-depth audit of its control objectives and activities, which often include regulations over information technology and related processes. Our SSAE 16 (SOC) TYPE 2 and TYPE 3 Certification confirms the reliability, security, availability, and processing integrity of the Managed Server Hosting, Dedicated Servers and Server Colocation provided through our world-class data center operations. SSAE 16 (SOC) is an internationally recognized auditing standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) as a means of auditing and reporting the effectiveness of operations and controls of a service provider. It is considered an operational compliance benchmark for companies with the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

Guaranteed 100% Network Uptime

Network Extreme is designed to provide you the highest quality infrastructure, bandwidth, and redundancy in the industry. This makes it easy for Network Extreme to deliver on our 100% Network and Infrastructure Guarantee

Top Data Centers - Multiple Redundant Connections to the Internet Backbone

Accommodating organizations with high traffic volumes is a Network Extreme specialty. We operate our network and combine big pipes with multiple redundant high-speed connections to the Internet backbone. Our system automatically selects the fastest route to transport your data and redirects traffic to alternative carriers if a provider goes down. We operate a carrier-neutral facility consisting of the following network providers:

Colocation — A Redundant and Robust Solution

Free up your workspace and save money. Enjoy the benefits of our multi-million-dollar colocation data center infrastructure and eliminate the expense associated with owning and maintaining your own network. Secured custom-sized colocation cabinets and cage space are available. Please contact us for information reguarding enterprise services and design, cloud solutions, or anything else we can help you with.


Small Business

$499/ month

  • 4 X 3 Ghz Intel Xeon CPUs
  • 100 GB Enterprise SSD Storage
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 10 GB up/down Internet
  • Unlimited Usage

Mid Size

$649/ month

  • 6 X 3 Ghz Intel Xeon CPUs
  • 100 GB Enterprise SSD Storage
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 10 GB up/down Internet
  • Unlimited Usage

Enterprise Power

$899/ month

  • 8 X 3 Ghz Intel Xeon CPUs
  • 100 GB Enterprise SSD Storage
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 10 GB up/down Internet
  • Unlimited Usage

Enterprise Firepower

CALL/ month

  • Up to 128 Intel Xeon CPUs
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Up to 256 GB RAM
  • Up to 10 GB up/down Internet
  • Unlimited Usage


  • Quickbooks, Greenway, Adobe...
  • Any applicaion deployed in minutes
  • Fast Central Processing and Storage
  • Zero Installation


  • Any App Imaginable, Popular or Custom
  • Mobile Application Deployment
  • EMR Programs, Billing, Practice Management, etc...
  • You Tell Us The App, We'll Deploy It!

Cloud Application Benifits

Imagine a simple link on your desktop that when executed opens your Application of choice. Imagine no longer needing to install an Application on each device and pay for a seperate license for each. With Network Extreme Application deployment is simplified yet secured and deployed with speeds and security only seen in super computers. Benifits include more performance, security, reliability, scalability, and less cost than any other I.T. solution on the market today.

Enterprise Security

Network Extreme Application deployment is the ultimate in security. Person data is lost and compromised in multiple ways. The two major issues with data loss are where it is stored and how it is transfered accross the internet. Network Extreme has taken an entirely different approach to Cloud Deployments. We not only centralize the data, but we also centralize the application. So, what does this mean? Well, if the application is now stored, processed and rendered within a secure environment it is then contained. Network Extreme only sends pixel data to the device you are using. So none of the data or the application is ever sent across the internet, so it can never be stolen. Never is stored on the users local device, only within a secure Enterprise Data Center Infrastructure behind World Class Enterprise Firewalls. Hence eliminating all possible failure points to losing Application data. A laptop/PC can be infected, stolen, damaged, and every last bit of data will be safe and sound in the Cloud.

Why Application Deployment?

There is not always a need for a full blown Cloud Server with unlimited Application ability. Sometimes business needs and demands are met with a single or multiple Applications deployed individually rather than a full desktop environment that they log into. Cost is less, and applications can then be deployed by distributing a simple NON-Browser based shortcut. This link deploys the application directly in full RAW fashion, and can be distributed quickly with no software client installation. Imagine having a link that when clicked on, opened an application such as Excel 2013 and had all your stored data sitting right there. Any device, anywhere in the world.

Mobile App Deployment

Deploying cross platform mobile applications that run on both Android and IOS. But different, we have the added ability to deploy an application in full fashion, without any sort of stripped down interface or limited browser capability.

Deployment Process

The Application deployment process is as simple as:
Providing us the name and/or copy of the Applicaiton you would like deployed.
We then install and send you a very small link that can then be distributed freely to users/devices.
You choose each users login name and password, and you are ready to go!


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